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Sunshine Rollers

Moxi Rainbow Rider

Moxi Rainbow Rider

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The Moxi Rainbow Rider is designed for the beginner/casual skater looking for an outdoor roller skate packed with high-quality comfort at an affordable price. The Rainbow Rider features a reliable boot made of vinyl uppers and a padded, soft lining that is comfortable to the skin for a supportive and care-free stride. Rainbow-themed graphics and a no-maintenance PVC outsole round out the boot, which is attached to a durable die-cast aluminum plate, soft outdoor wheels (82A), ABEC-5 bearings, and an adjustable toe stop to ensure a smooth, cruiser-friendly ride. Brimming with attention to detail and thoughtful touches, the Rainbow Rider is an undeniable value for the beginning or casual outdoor skater. It will leave you feeling like you are gliding on rainbows!

NOTE: the Rainbow Rider is not intended for use at skate parks.


** Some skates may not be in stock, please allow up to two weeks for fullfillment **

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