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Sunshine Rollers



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Size: 53MM

Hardness (Duro): 97 Duro

Formula: Holythane, our street performance urethane.

Riding Surface: 17.1mm

Classic Shape: Round with a smaller riding surface which creates less friction & has better agility.

Stoneground Finish: our rough surface finish mimics the rough road which gives you less resistance.

Flat Spot Resistant.

Best suited for: Technical/Street Skaters, those seeking agility and rough surfaces.

Fits 3in trucks and under. Best suited for 2.5 Trucks and under (narrow trucks).


Sold in a pack of 4 wheels. 

You will need 2 packs for roller-skates. (8 Wheels)


- Has a small diameter, weighs less, with a small riding surface making it ideal for technical skaters since it creates less friction, will be faster, provides more agility, helps with longer slides/grinds, is perfect for speed & control.

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