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Sunshine Rollers

Funfetti Spoted Toe-Stops

Funfetti Spoted Toe-Stops

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Ever wished you could stop on the spot?

Well now you can!

With Muse Skate Co.'s Spotted Stoppers, you can stop on the spot anytime you want! We took our black and white Spotted Stoppers and made them FUN!!!! Rainbow Funfetti Spotted Stoppers are your new best friend for rough, outdoor surfaces like streets, sidewalks, and your favourite gritty DIY spots. Our toe stops have an adjustable short stem length and are made from a long-lasting rubber compound so it won't mark up indoor rink floors. 

These playful toe stops were inspired by our four legged spotted friends and are durable enough to last through many skate dates with your dog, hill bombs and anywhere else you'd need to stop on the spot, fast! 

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