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Sunshine Rollers

187 Killer - Derby Wrist Guards

187 Killer - Derby Wrist Guards

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Comfortable and secure single splint wrist guards. The padded, non stretch material will offer some added security to the back of the hand, but not as much as a double splinted wrist guard model.

Recommended for:
  • Smaller skaters - short design will take up less of your arm.
  • Skaters wanting a lower profile wrist guard.
  • Skaters wanting wrist mobility while still being protective
Not usually recommended for:
  • Skaters looking for the highest protection (look for a double splinted model).
  • Skaters that do not like slide on wrist guards.
  • *Measure the circumference of your palm at base of fingers.
  • SM = 6"-7"
  • MED = 7"-9"
  • LG = 9"-10"
  • XL = 10"-11"
  • Single Splint with expanded plate area to disperse impact.
  • Quick drying, breathable material with a padded interior.
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